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 If you prefer an option other than online ordering, call us at 781-421-3541 and we can complete your request over the phone.

 To continue online, go to our Send A Letter page. We'll ask about YOU first.

 Next, we'll ask for the name, address and date of delivery for each of your loved ones*, up to ten letters. ​


 You will receive an automatic email response that we have received your request. Your return postage paid envelope will arrive in 3-5 business days.

 Simply write out your letters and place in your own envelopes, address them as you normally would and seal them. But leave off the postage. We'll handle that. Then place your envelopes inside the return postage paid envelope and send it back to us.


                                        ~ NO POSTAGE NECESSARY FROM YOU AT ALL~

 ​​When we receive your letters, we will honorably care for them in our secure facility, maintaining integrity and confidentiality, until the date you have specified on your form for delivery. We will then deliver*, with care, the letter you had thoughtfully provided for your loved one.       

 Our minimal fee for pick up, processing, storing and time sensitive delivery is only $64.00for all ten letters.

 We use PayPal as our trusted, secure payment method. 

*See our Privacy page.


Overview of the process. Click on a picture to enlarge.