What is Passing Notes?

​Our company provides future letter delivery for people facing end of life, memory challenges and those who want to rely on us to deliver on time for upcoming events.

Imagine the overwhelming joy your loved one will experience coming home to find a handwritten letter from you. Hearing your words of love and comfort once again. Bringing your words back to life.

​Let that sink in for a moment... How would you feel opening a letter from your grandmother, sister, dad, mom or friend long after they had left you? A special message just for you. Something they wanted you to hear when you may have needed it the most. How heartwarming would that feel?

Wouldn't you want to give that gift to your loved one?

Your words, Your voice, through your personal handwriting is something that cannot be duplicated with the same meaning and feeling.

Send a letter for an anniversary, birthday, new baby, holiday, special occasion or no occasion at all. 10 letters, all for $64.00.

Passing Notes would love to make that happen for everyone!